Swarovski® Crystals


Yet another area where PRECIOUS BRACELET truly shines. This collection features the exceptionally exquisite Swarovski® crystals. Large or small, these gleaming gems are simply perfect.

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Rose-gold plated

The new gold rush.

Add a dash of colour: PRECIOUS BRACELET popular AL042 and narrow AL050 models are available in a choice of eye-catching hues. These vivid bracelets pair perfectly with other styles in our wide range of coloured leathers.

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Sterling silver beads

A touch of luxury.

Our sterling silver beads are eye-catching accents. A variety of PRECIOUS BRACELETmodels with diverse bead sizes are available. That´s pure luxury.

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Pewter thread & leather

The perfect pairing.

Leather is more than just a backing for these bracelets – cords are interwoven or braided with pewter thread to create a variety of stunning patterns by PRECIOUS BRACELET.

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Pewter thread pure

A multi-faceted material.

Pewter thread pure – twisted, braided, coiled, embroidered and more. It is amazing what is possible with this versatile material. One bracelet might unite multiple styles and diverse combinations of colours, shapes, and widths.

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